TDengine’s Implementation Across KYE Group: Reduced The Number of Servers From 21 to 3

  1. Background
  • The InfluxDB cluster version is charged, and the hardware cost is relatively high
  • CTSDB Tencent Cloud Time Series Database has high memory usage and relatively high cost;
  • OpenTSDB’s underlying base is still HBase, and the introduction does not make the architecture simple;
  • TDengine cluster function is open source, with typical distributed database characteristics, and the compression ratio is also very high.
  • The cluster expansion and shrinkage when data is written
  • Is the application of cacheLast valid?
  • Statistical aggregation analysis of some business scenario applications of interval and interp
  • Override scenarios for update parameters
  • Common business query statements, data comparison of the same query scope
  1. The monitoring function below 2.3.0.x is relatively simple, and we expect that later versions can provide stronger and more detailed monitoring. We noticed that the newly released version introduced a monitoring tool called TDinsight, and we will try it soon.
  2. The current interval function does not support group by common columns by business column, and we hope to be supported in the future.



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